Cookie policy

This policy for the use of cookies by the data controller Balti Meediamonitooringu Grupp OÜ (registry code10332235, address Hallivanamehe 4, 11317, Tallinn) (hereinafter the Policy), explains which cookies and similar technologies are used on the Websites of Balti Meediamonitooringu Grupp OÜ and the managed mobile application.

Balti Meediamonitooringu Grupp OÜ is not responsible for third-party cookie technologies.

1.Types of cookies and data collected

1.1. Cookies and other tracking technologies are small text files that are installed on a user’s computer from websites that the user visits, unless the user has disabled the installation of all or a part of the cookies in their browser settings or on the respective website. Cookies enable to identify the user’s device when the user visits websites.

1.2. Cookies can be divided according to the time of their installation:

1.3. Cookies can be divided according to their affiliation:

1.4. Data collected by cookies and classified according to the general purpose of installation:

The data stored by the required cookies depends on the specific cookie. In general, cookies store changes in the privacy settings set by the user; what services the user wants to consume (i.e. service information); they allow logging in to services (i.e. save user ID, etc.); detect malicious use of the website (i.e. information about it); distinguish between a user and bots and collect the necessary information about the use of the website. The data collected is anonymous and does not process personal data.

Statistical cookies collect data about website visits and usage (including which (sub)pages, page sections were opened). For example, information is collected about the user’s device / user’s communication / experience with a web page (e.g., error messages, etc.), the ID address of the user’s device, and location information. Analytics cookies cannot access IP addresses. The data collected is anonymous and does not process personal data.

Preference cookies, although separated from the required cookies, are necessary for users to ensure that a suitable solution is displayed. Generally, the technical data of the user’s device is collected to determine the appropriate video quality, record the choices made by the user (e.g. the text size, other editable properties of the website) and attributes (e.g. username, language, country of location). The collected data is anonymous and does not process personal data.

1.5. Balti Meediamonitooringu Grupp OÜ uses the types of cookies described above on the Websites for the following purposes:

2. Legal grounds for processing

2.1. Balti Meediamonitooringu Grupp processes user data for the use of cookies, either on the basis of consent, on the grounds that the processing is necessary for the performance of the contract or on the basis of legitimate interests.

2.2. Grounds for processing (necessary because of legitimate interests or for the performance of the contract) depending on the type of cookies, if the processing is not based on consent:

3. Changes to cookie settings

3.1. Cookie settings can be managed through a web browser.